Advance Directives and POLST

POLST COLLABORATIVE Power Point Presentation and Link for Critical Conditions AD document

I want to use this small section to urge us, as professionals, to take the time to consider and create our own advance directives for both healthcare and financial. We often, in our jobs, spend time assisting or encourage others to complete these important documents – however, I have been quite shocked over the last few months in the number of those in the senior care industry who have yet to complete their own. I am personally currently working on the financial POA for my spouse and myself. We frequently are faced with all of the situations where our clients have truly benefited from having the documents in place – yet, we put ourselves last and often neglect how these same documents could provide personal benefit also.
I hope this is just a small reminder of how important it is to have these discussions – as well as how it is truly a “gift” that we can give our families and friends during very difficult times.

I have attached a wonderful power point presentation that was shared with me by Dr. Richard Cohen with the Georgia POLST Collaborative.
The GA POLST document can be found at
Other great websites include:

If you have any further questions about the POLST document or the GA POLST Collaborative please contact Dr. Cohen directly by email at

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